Monday, March 5, 2012

Baja Inesperada

Unexpected Baja

Words by Greg
Photos by Greg and Trina

As winter's cold grip tightened upon the February land, we began to dream of lazy sun-filled days, of palm trees and beaches, of fresh fish tacos and lapping waves. So… We grabbed the dogs, jumped in the truck and headed south. Through Utah. Arizona. Then we slipped over the border and into Old Mexico. Into Baja, into a surprising and unexpected land.

Beaches? Yes. Palm trees? Yes. Fresh fish tacos and lapping waves? Good gracious, yes! But also pine forests. Dr. Seussian cactus jungles. Misty lakes. Fields of blossoming wildflowers. Spouting whales. Swarms of creepy crawlers. Oceanside hot springs. Floating rocks. Wind-twisted trees. Happy street dogs. Jewel-like sea creatures. Hidden desert water. Frenzies of pelicans and porpoises. Beautifully decayed dwellings. Rugged costal cliffs. Muffin-boulder mountains. Smashed cars. And gracious people.

We'll start with a few beach photos. And begin to wonder if perhaps we did not go far enough south.

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