Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Camp at Cannibal Rock

Photos by Greg and Trina

Dirt. Dogs. Creeks. Critters. Mountains. Mushrooms. And wildflowers, wildflowers, wildflowers. All within easy reach (like a stone's toss or a glance or some pedal strokes) of our camp below the skull-like rock. It was idyllic enough that we couldn't find a reason not to stay for three nights. Enjoy the pics!

Below Cannibal Rock

Mushroom along the trail

Mushroom in the dinner pan


  1. great collection as usual- might add a flyrod to that mix, push you right over the top!

  2. We've been thinkin' about doing just that.......

  3. Oh my! What peace!! What beauty! The flowers, the view, the quiet...all these things I treasure. I just don't find them here in GA very often. GA has it's own mountains and places to find peace and quiet but not like the environment of Colorado. How I miss it!! I must start planning another trip west!!!

  4. Great images! Thanks for the stoke.

  5. That is some great stuff, thanks.