Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aesthetics of Decay: Birds

Story and photos: Trina

Now that you've had a gentle, flowery introduction to the Aesthetics of Decay concept, I offer one of my favorite photographic subjects: dead birds. I'm coming off as a bit flip, I realize, but in truth, it is with an attitude of reverence that I photograph these things. Death is part of life, and in many ways an image of death is the most potent symbol of life, the most effective reminder of its fragility, its transitory nature.

I seem to stumble upon an inordinate number of dead birds in my daily wanderings. Whether it is because they are a particularly fragile life form, or my eyes are especially tuned to see them, or I'm frequenting unusually deathly places, I don't know. I do know that I find them irresistibly haunting and moving.


  1. Those dead bird photos are more evocative than your live flower photos. I too see dead birds but most often on glaciers. The compositions are haunting and the flicker is quite beautiful even dead.